5 reason you should not buy a sports car

5 reasons not to buy a sports car - ghair siyasi

A lot of us can not afford to buy a sports car, and are of the idea that sports cars are cool and great. but there are some hidden factors that only the sports cars owners no about. Specially if you ever watch Top Gear or Grand tour.

Here are 5 reasons you Should not buy a Sports car


5 reasons not to buy a sports car - ghair siyasi

Sports car might seem appealing with there small 2 seater compact design but that is something only appealing to the eyes and not exactly functional as a car to be owned as a daily driver. unless you are a teenager only looking forward to show off!

Missing The Luxuries and Comfort

5 reasons not to buy a sports car

With owning a sports car you loose lots of luxuries of normal car that you might get in the same price!

How ever that does not save you from the luxury tax, because that is on the car not on the luxuries of the car. That’s is huge disadvantage to own a sports car.

Once you get in a Sports car having an idea in your mind that it is going to be GLORIOUS!!! Its a total disappointment once you are in it. Its nothing as you expected it to be.

  • Stiff suspension
  • No air con in some cases
  • Gear lever WTH is that thing?
  • I cant see anything at the back
  • Its noisy as hell
  • Where do I put my Bag?
  • Why is it making silly noises ? “SHTUTUTU”
  • OUCH! Speed bump

Not Much Functional as a Daily

5 reasons not to buy a sports car

When talking about functionality. Sports car are meant to be driven on track. With long straights and harsh turns. and doing a lap time!

But on the roads. Well

  • Speed bump !!!
  • I cant go there car is Too Low
  • Cant take a tight U-TURN!
  • Only have space for 2 !
    • 4 seater sports car? guy sitting at the back must have no legs
  • Hitting on Every Speed Bump you find!
  • COPS!!!
  • I JUST FILLED MY GAS 1 HOUR AGO ! somebody must have stolen it.

Still want to buy a sports car??

Urge to Go Hard on the Paddle

5 reasons not to buy a sports car

Well it might sound like something that will make you want to buy a sports car.

Being  a Car Enthusiast and owning a sports car, it often get impossible to resist Revving it. Once you start to enjoy the sound of it FLOOR THE PEDDLE AND GET A TICKET ON THE NEXT BLOCK!

And revving high means.

  • Early maintenance
  • Everyone’s attention (well its a good thing but most of them are actually cursing on you)
  • COP’s attention (something you don’t want)
  • FUEL consumption (was wondering why you get out of GAS so fast)
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • And some more Maintenance!

Owning One Functional daily is better than Owning two

5 reasons not to buy a sports car bmw

You probably are wondering, “what if i buy one car as a daily and sports car for track days”

  • *CLAPPING* Welcome to idiot zone!
  • You already cant afford to own a sports car and thinking of getting two
  • Great! now would have to manage expenses of two as well

Well in that case Owning one Functional car with decent amount of power is way better than to Own a sports car on the side.

Check out which car is suitable for to rev high and still use it as a daily on our blog Ghair Siyasi.

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