Ghair Siyasi is a team of content writers, developers, marketers, SEO’s and Social Media experts who’s main goal is to take an initiative on stuff that we don’t even usually think about. We at Ghair Siyasi aim to make our readers aware of social issues, norms and news from all around the world.
Ghair Siyasi literally means “Non Political” but it doesn’t only contain nonpolitical posts but we will definitely keep you updated at some level with our views on latest political news and information; which can be a little sarcastic too, so do watch out for that.
Our Ghair Siyasi team include members from various professions like Software Engineers, Doctors, Fashion Designers etc. From show biz to business developers; from news casters to freelance content writers; we are one big family.
Ghair Siyasi has a lot to offer if only you stay in touch. With the passage of time, our team will grow and we’ll make sure you have all the fun you came here looking for, and more.

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