Dark Web – The dark side of the internet

Dark Web - The dark side of internet

With Internet becoming the most common medium on communication, data sharing and many useful things it has become the biggest center of information one can imagine. I mean think about anything you want its there. By anything i mean what ever one could possibly imagine. If this is the case how is the dark web going to be ?

From how to cook food to buying and selling of expensive stuff i.e property, products, even businesses are selling on the internet. But if there is something good there must me the other part of it not known to you. the part no body wants you to know. That is the bad side of it, The Dark side of the internet.

This article is only for the sake of information and knowledge  Ghair Siyasi does not support any kind of illegal activity. The use of Drugs is extremely dangerous, illegal transaction, hacking and weapon trading can lead to serious issues.

What is the dark web

Dark Web is the dark side of the internet that normal user cannot access. Even your normal web browser cannot access the dark web.

It is the part of the internet that is not indexed by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

What we use in our daily routine is called the Surface net. Which is indexed by Search engines 24/7 and information is brought to us. Remember we told you about how much information the Surface net has ? MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

But what’s more shocking is that the Dark side of internet has a lot more than that. you can say surface net only providing us 5-10 % of the information that we get. Yes, rest of it stays at the dark side of the internet. Now just imagine doing so much with surface net, WHAT MORE CAN YOU DO WITH THE DARK WEB !!!

Whats on the Dark Web?

Answer : EVERYTHING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT KNOW ABOUT. This is why that stuff is not indexed by the search engines. As is not appropriate for general users to view. Like your Bank does not want your account information publicly available.

Along with the Hidden information the dark side of the web has the biggest markets of trading Weapons, Drugs, Human Trafficking, Child Pornography like one of the most famous drug market established was THE SILK ROAD!

Apart from the that it is the heaven for the HACKERS.

How to Access the dark side

It i not at all advisable or encouraged to try to access the Dark web. If you really want to there are ways you can. That include hiding your identity over the internet. However Normal Browsers can not access the dark side as there are special browsers for that. TOR browser if you have ever heard of does the job.

To access the Dark Web it is essential to make sure one’s identity stays hidden. Because if it is not it may lead to some serious legal issues. Whats illegal is illegal. A good VPN does the job. In addition to that Turning off any APP that maybe using the internet should be disconnected or tuned off before jumping into the dark web

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