Haunted Places in Pakistan to Watch Out For

haunted places in Pakistan Ghair SiyasiThere is nothing like the frustration of not being able to explain something in terms of human mind; some things that are beyond the understanding of human brain and any natural phenomena that occurs on this planet. Such paranormal activities have been occurring in the world since the beginning of time. No one has been able to explain any of these as they keep on boggling the mind of anyone that encounters the story. The people who have experienced such incidents are terrified and haunted by them to the limits. And in a way that they would give up anything to ensure not encountering any likely thing again. Some get effected so badly that they even lose their senses.

But then again, most paranormal tales can be discarded as a coincidence, trick of light or just a lie. Because it is quite easy for people to discredit things that they do not understand. There are places in Pakistan that have been labelled as haunted and majority of people believe them to be true as well. Some of such places are listed below.

Dalmia Road – Karachi

Everyone adores a beautiful bride in her pretty traditional dress and jewelry. But no would want to be stopped by one in the middle of the night on an empty road only to discover maggots coming out of her mouth. Such incidents have occurred on Dalmia road of Karachi where many people have reported a bride, known as the bride of Karsaz, being seen late at night in a traditional red bridal dress. Some were successful in fleeing by her silently while others were chased by her crying and shouting. It’s a myth that the bride is looking for her groom, which is funny because no one can find a groom by chasing them down an empty road at middle night with bloodshot eyes.

Shamshan Ghat – Hyderabad

There is a 250 years old cemetery in Hyderabad that is said to be possessed by ghosts of the dead. The guards working in the area have reported the appearance of children. According to them, out of nowhere children start appearing and playing in the cemetery and they disappear before sunrise. It was also reported that strange noises can be heard in the area throughout the night.

Shireen Cinema – Karachi

This cinema is in North Karachi near Shahrah-e-Usman. It has been closed for a while now. According to the workers and visitors, before the cinema was sealed, voices were heard at the back of the cinema. The washrooms, which were closed afterwards, also filled with unusual sounds and noises every other day. Shadows could also be seen on the screen where no one was standing. Therefore the cinema was sealed in the year 2010 and no one has dared to go back afterwards.

Koh-e-Chiltan Peak – Balochistan

The tallest peak in the Chiltan range, Balochistan is said to be haunted by the ghosts of 40 children. If that was not enough, it is said that they cry at night and their wails reach the people at the bottom, calling them to come up. The myth behind this is that a couple who was blessed with 40 children left all but one on the top to survive as they were poor and could not feed them. Later the wife was drawn to the cries and went there with the 40th to find all of them alive. She left that one with them to go get her husband, when she got back, all of them were gone.

Mohatta Palace – Karachi

The Mohatta palace was built by Shivratan Chandraratan in 1927 but was abandoned when the India-Pakistan partition took place. The palace is now a museum but is said to be haunted by the ghosts from the British Raj. Many of the workers claim that the things inside the palace move themselves at night and voices can also be heard. According to the night guards, presence of spirits can be felt during their night duties.

Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut – Karachi

It has been reported that there is a hut at Hawks Bay, Karachi that no one rents anymore. It is because in the past, anyone who used to rent that specific hut could not make it through the night.


There are many other places as well that are known to be haunted by spirits and ghosts and where paranormal activities have occurred. These can be myths and they can be true, because one can never be too sure about something. Spirits do exist and they are present all around us. But do they intervene with anyone out of nowhere? Or only when someone bothers them beforehand?

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