Mannequin Challenge and all the Fun – Ali Zafar into it too…

Ali Zafar’s Epic Mannequin Challenge.Freeze! For you’re in for a tour through the Mannequin Challenge trend. You must have noticed all those videos on your Facebook timeline where people are frozen like statues while a song is being played in the background. If you’re not familiar with what this challenge is, you must be wondering; why are these people acting completely insane?

The Mannequin Challenge is a lamely fun trend started by a group of students from Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2016. This phenomenon then spread throughout the world like wild fire and people all around the world started making such videos where they stood frozen like mannequins while a song, usually “black beetles” by Rae Sremmurd, playing in the background.  Mannequins are dummies or figures used by dressmakers, tailors etc. to display clothing items. People making videos for the Mannequin challenge also stand frozen in different positions like sitting, yawning, taking a selfie, eating and many more. It all depends upon the creativity of these real-life mannequins and what innovative idea for the video they can come up with.

Not just students and teenagers are in on this, but celebrities and politicians around the world are also taking part in this recent craze. From Adele to Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama to Hilary Clinton, from Pakistan Army Cadets to Ali Zafar, everyone has been too excited for this challenge and have posted videos on different social media platforms. This phenomenon is picking up more and more pace with time. Let’s see what becomes of it in a few months as people are really getting into it and putting out new ideas into the world for the videos every day.

Mannequin Challenge in Ali Zafar’s concert

Given below is the video from Ali Zafar’s concert where he suddenly froze during the live concert and the entire crowd joined him for the challenge which probably has been the most popular Mannequin Challenge video from Pakistan till now.

Here’s a video to Ali Zafar’s Epic Mannequin Challenge.

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