Need of a Counselling Hand for a Student

There are times in everyone’s life when they are in a situation where they can’t see an exit sign. You keep on going in a maze with no exit in sight. It’s time like these when a person is in need of help and guidance. One can keep walking on the lost track for a time more than it’s actually worth without having someone to show you the right way. No matter what age a person is, there are always a hand full of emotional as well as other problems that one has to face and this keeps on going till the end of one’s life. Unfortunately, for a student in Pakistan, it is a very big issue that people around them don’t seem to understand that the poor person might have other problems in life other than studies.

It is a commoncounselling misconception that a student has nothing else to worry about other than grades and studies. Which is very wrong considering the fact the growing age of late teens to late twenties is the part of life where you are exposed to the real world which in this era is a great problem itself. You get to deal with a lot of different sorts of people; good people, bad people. You experience things you never thought you would have to face but then again, life usually gives you what you don’t expect. All these encounters with people and life itself can be very overwhelming and usually a person faces a hard time putting things into perspective and knowing what to do with all the problems that just keep on increasing.

Some of you might be wondering. What are these problems that students have to face? First of all lets go through all that people expect from an average student, shall we? A student is expected to be confident, but not too confident so as not to be included in the list of rude people. He’s supposed to get good grades but also be a star in other activities as well otherwise he’s just a geek. He should be outgoing as no one likes a person who stays at home all the time. He should have a nice social circle and also give full time to his family. He should have hobbies as a person with no passion is boring and just not acceptable these days.

So in a nutshell, a student has to do well in studies, extra-curricular activities along with having a great behavior, nice character, good looks, an appropriate social circle and he should be a society star along with being a family person otherwise he’s sort of just not acceptable in the society these days and is discarded as a modern kid with no values.

Are all these pressures and problems not enough to turn a normal smiling person in an emotionally wrecked mess? And people wonder why youngsters today are always so agitated and frustrated. I’d like to ask you a question now. Can you really expect a person to get through all these phases with no help whatsoever?

The answer would be ‘No!’. Students should, or might I add, must have some place where they can go and let all these tensions out without having to fear judgement or taunts from the society. This is the reason that it is very important for institutions to have counselling centers within its premises where troubled a student is offered free counselling sessions with experienced psychologists who can help and guide them in the best way possible so as to make sure that the person will be able to excel through life without getting drowned before reaching the destination by these weights unknowingly put on him by our society itself.

Such session will help the student to cope up with all the pressure and stress involving studies or any other problem he is facing in life. Other than putting up with the expectations of society and the work load, there are many other issues regarding family or personal life that one has a hard time dealing with and a harder time revealing to even the closest of friends. A psychologist knows how to deal with such problems of a person and thus these sessions will prove to be very helpful for such people. A student will also feel relieved as it is a known fact that the information revealed in a counselling sessions strictly stays in between the psychiatrist and the patient which is why it’s not hard for people to open up to them and let all their stress out.

What Exactly Does a Student Need?

Keeping in mind all these facts and factors, it seems and important task to take an initiative of creating counselling centers within institutions so as to help our younger generation in every way possible. Youth is the future of our country and we certainly don’t want to risk it by not taking just a simple step in order to provide the best environment for the people who are going to serve and take this country to the heights of success and prosperity.

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