Simple Life – The Ease and Contentment of it

Simple Life and the Ease and Contentment of it Ghair SiyasiWhy are our lives so difficult to cope with? That is a very simple question and it has the simplest answer. Because we’ve made our lives difficult. We are greedy for everything. Let me elaborate that; it’s like we don’t want to do things the easier way and somehow prefer difficult way. For example, what is a car used for? Transportation! That means the work that an Accord does can also be carried by a Mehran. An accord may have more outlook wider space and more horse power. But gives you the gift of more expense. Now either you could try live simply with a Mehran or keep thinking of making more money to buy an Accord.

There are a lot of examples in our daily lives like a 4-canal bungalow and a small 10 Marla house have a huge difference between them but both have the same purpose ‘Shelter’ but we’d take the bigger one because we want luxuries not shelter. Take a fridge one with double door and one typical fridge. Both are used to cool food items but we’d take the double door one because it looks cooler and adds class to the surroundings.

Let’s consider clothes; 200-rupee shirt and a 4000-rupee shirt both are meant to cover the body but we’d take the one with the highest cost because we’d look classy and rich wearing it.
‘Schools’ there are government schools and private ones both exist to educate but we’d take private. Again why? Because standard! Either way both schools are to educate children not divide them into classes.

Then comes Marriage and most people would disagree with me on this. But what is the purpose of wedding? A simple ceremony can take place in a mosque where the Nikkah is done. And the bride can go to her in laws straight with them. But what do we like to do? We like 1 month pre dholkis and then mayo ceremony then Mehndi ceremony then finally the Barat (Nikkah) and then the Sunnah of Valima. Either way two people get married but the way we like it, it wastes money on Halls Food clothes and let’s not miss the dowry list. People take loans just to have weddings.

There are a billion little examples but we can’t put them all here. The point of all this is that our needs can be filled in a simple way. We can use smaller cars live in smaller houses buy decent clothing study in affordable schools marry in a mosque eat homemade and yet live Happily. I think simplicity is the key to happiness the more we run after things the more we tense up our lives. The more difficult they get to manage and the more we burden ourselves with dreams. I think the person who has the least worldly belongings is the richest of us. He has no burden over his shoulders no status to maintain. He just lives simply and peacefully.

One more reason why I think we should be simple is because our religion is all about simplicity. There is no way a Muslim can actually be rich because Islam teaches you to share whatever you have with those who do not. So, when you have billions you give zakat and you spend the most of it on the premise of Islam and get just enough for yourself to eat and survive. That is how Islam imposes equivalence among all people. This way no body is poor nobody is rich everyone has enough to live on and practice Islam.

If you keep wanting more than what you already have.  Your life will never get easier. You will never be satisfied therefore your struggle will never be over, working over time for a few extra cash. keeping yourself stapled to your working desk but you will never be satisfied.

Once you update your Mehran to a Corolla you’d want to get a civic and for that you’d struggle again. You’d even get the civic but then you’d want the Accord and so on. You won’t be happy or satisfied even if you have a hummer. You always want more than what is there.

Stay Simple…

In a nut shell , there is no end to greed. You will tire yourself. you will stay depressed, insecure, jealous and always Uneasy with this attitude for more. In order to have an easy life lesser tensions and broken dreams Stop dreaming for luxuries and stop thinking about what others would think of your financial status. Live your life in a simple way. Don’t give it up on the cost of Greed.

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