Sumail Hassan – The Million Dollar DOTA Kid

sumailSyed Sumail Hassan – The million dollar kid.

DOTA 2 is a free to play MOBA game developed by Valve Corporation in 2009. The concept of the game is simple, there are two teams with 5 players on each team controlling certain heroes have a set of abilities and different play styles. The goal is to destroy the other teams’ base just like in the other MOBA games available to play today. The first professional tournament was held in 2011 and it was called as “The International” having a $1 million prize pool for the winning team.

In these competitions there have been many great teams having highly skilled players, but the one player who has had the spotlight on him for the past two years is Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan.

Sumail is a Pakistani born American professional DOTA 2 player. Sumail started playing DOTA 2 only at the age of 7, and when he moved to America he made a name for himself as one of the best players through several tournaments. This attention led to him being recruited by Evil Geniuses (EG) as their mid laner.

In his debut Sumail and his team both disappointed, however only a month later they were participating in the DOTA 2 Asia Championships in which even though they had a few ups and downs they managed to secure 1st place and win the Championship. In this tournament finals’ 3rd game Sumail was down to 0-3-0 in the first three minutes, which means he had 3 deaths with no kills or assists in the first three minutes. However by the end of the game Sumail had turned things around for himself and his team as he carried his team with a score of 17-7-11. This performance is considered as the breakout performance of Sumail, as this led to recognition of his talent and also him being one of the best “Storm Spirit” players in the game.

The next tournament was a big one, The International 2015, and due to recent success EG entered the tournaments as favorites along with another team known as “Team Secret”, whom EG had been second to in the previous two LAN tournaments. This time around Team Secret was 8th in place making it very easy for EG to win the tournament however they had lost to CDEC Gaming in the upper bracket finals. Being in the lower bracket, EG won the lower bracket finals and got a chance to redeem themselves against CDEC Gaming in the Grand finals, which EG went on to win.

Sumail performed really well again in both the lower bracket finals and the Grand finals due to which EG took home $6,634,661 making Sumail as the youngest player at only the age of 15 to win more than $1 million dollars in Esports. In the later major tournaments EG participated in, including Ti6, EG have placed 3rd in each.

Many people have criticized Sumail for having really bad manners as he “flames” his opponents, which basically means he thrash talks them. However the young player still has a lot of time to mature and develop. Sumail has been compared to the player “Dendi” who plays the same role as Sumail, of course and is one of the most decorated players in the history of DOTA 2 competitions.

Sumail didn’t have a computer when he started playing in Pakistan, so he had to go to internet cafes to play DOTA 2. He was so serious and committed to his dream that he once sold his bicycle to play for a few more hours. Sumail family consists of his parents, him and 5 other siblings. After moving to a small suburb in Chicago all the way from Karachi, Pakistan money was really tight as this big family lived in a three bedroom apartment, however Sumail was still excited as moving to America meant less delay in DOTA 2.

Sumail wouldn’t pay much attention to school work and would spend time playing DOTA 2. After being noticed in North American in-house league, Charlie Yang manager of Evil Geniuses at that time spoke with Sumails’ mother as his father was back in his home country for business visits. He made her understand that EG wants to recruit Sumail for their team. This meant that he’d get a stipend every month and other winnings from the tournaments he participated in. His mother said yes, but kept a condition of making sure he attends school. Soon after everything was settled the EG team flew to Shanghai for the DOTA 2 Asian championships and the rest is history.

Sumail – Our Role Model

From a hardworking no one to one of the most recognized E-sports player now, we should all look up to him and work hard towards whatever aims we have as Sumail‘s story teaches us that there is no limit if you put in enough hard work and have the passion to achieve your dream.

Irtaza Afzal, A Software Engineer in the making, football fanatic, music lover and E-Gamer. When I write I hope to share my thoughts about the things I'm most passionate about, also share my views and knowledge about other topics which interest me and I feel will indulge and broaden the minds of the youth.

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